We have created this space to publicize not only details about the history of Guatemala, its traditions and its culture but also trips and articles of general interest

La Marimba

Brief review of our national instrument, part of the popular tradition and a jewel of Guatemalan crafts where outstanding composers have written thousands of melodies that identify our country

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LXXIV Porta Hotel Antigua Anniversary

At Porta Hotel Antigua we are happy to give you the most cordial welcome to this emblematic place, image of service, quality and cordiality since January 22, 1948

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Preferred Travel Vol.16

We are part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts and here you will find updates on our brand magazine, which is now mainly in digital version. It's so inspiring to the evolving expectations of luxury travelers and reminds us why we all Believe in Travel

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The Macaws

In the early days of the hotel, a guest gave us an amazing living gift that we have cared for and admired for more than 60 years. 

Here is the certificate of their health, but by clicking below, you will find more details of their history

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All Saints Day

Every November 1st, a colorful holiday is celebrated in Guatemala to remember loved ones who have passed away. Giant kites, delicious traditional food, cemeteries adorned with flowers of a thousand colors, family gatherings to share memories...

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Homage to Corn

Due to the historical importance of this grain, and the socio-cultural implications, in addition to being an important pillar of the diet in Guatemala, August 13 has been decreed as the day of corn

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Guatemala Independence

In the attached document you can find a brief review of the events that took place in the year 1821, on the emancipation of Guatemala and Central America by signing the act of independence from Spain

Map of the United Provinces of Central America (Photo: Hispanoteca)

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