environmental conscious hotel in antigua guatemala

Businesses clean as a glass

It is exciting to see how all the members of our team are committed to sustainability and we are convinced that it is the way in which we are going to transcend, involving our families and neighborhoods in caring for the environment. The separation of waste is a fundamental pillar in this purpose and glass becomes the star of the project. Glass makes it possible to generate containers that are easy to reuse or recycle, designed not to generate waste

By consuming glass products, you take care of the environment since it has a lower carbon footprint than other materials, it does not contaminate water or soil

Find out and be part of the change

We are part of "La Ruta del Vidrio" that seeks to establish a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility, involving key actors in the dynamics of hospitality in La Antigua Guatemala. This initiative encourages consumers to adopt more responsible consumption habits by choosing alternatives that are friendly to the planet, such as returnable glass. Reduce the impact generated by your purchases through smart choices so that everyone as a society can contribute to a cleaner world, a world as clean as glass

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