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Local Attractions

Explore La Antigua

Throughout Antigua, from its most popular and joyful Parque Central to its many cobblestoned avenues, you will find a Spanish colonial paradise inspired by vivid Mayan culture, the warmth of resplendently clad locals and the youthful, carefree energy of everyone living or visiting here. And when you stay at Porta Hotel Antigua, the best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala are only steps away. 

Antigua is the kind of place where local kids chase soccer balls around plaza fountains and marimba bands hold impromptu concerts in the park. On the sidewalks, resident artisans fire up candles to illuminate their handmade woodcarvings, colorful clothing, leather accessories and indigenous jade jewelry. Experience the ruins of centuries old churches, monasteries, convents and universities. Explore places such as Compania de Jesus, Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo, San Carlos University and civic buildings such as the Palacio de Capitanes slumber beside Easter egg-colored shops. You can also visit beautifully restored mansions and restaurants offering cuisine from all corners of the world.

In the hills outside the city, you’ll find three majestic volcanoes (Volcán de Agua, Volcán de Fuego and Acatenango) standing guard over historic coffee estates. There are also thermal baths shrouded in steam to see and plenty of thatched roof restaurants, where you can sample delicacies like tortillas, guacamole, frozen bananas and, of course, locally harvested Guatemalan coffee. 

You’ll discover how much is available to experience during your stay. We invite you to absorb it all from Porta Antigua. For assistance with arranging tours, recreational activities or anything else you might want to do in La Antigua Guatemala, please ask our warm and friendly staff or our tour desk, which is conveniently located in the lobby of the hotel.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Ten minutes - walking

St. Joseph Cathedral in La Antigua Guatemala is a Roman Catholic church originally built around 1541, but suffered several earthquakes throughout its history, and the first church building was demolished in 1669. The cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. It is located in front of main plaza and it offers daily services in different hours

Convent and Arch of Santa Catalina

Ten minutes - walking

Located near Central Plaza, Arco de Santa Catalina is an Antigua icon. When it was first constructed in the 17th century, it connected the Santa Catalina convent to a school. That key feature allowed the cloistered nuns to pass from one building to the other without venturing to the street. 

Antique Book Museum

Ten minutes - walking

This intimate museum is located in Central Plaza and houses a diverse selection of Colonial era books, landmark city documents and replicas of printing presses from the 1600s. Most notably, it displays the first edition of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s influential novel The Indigenous Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Casa Santo Domingo Museums

15 minutes - walking

Antigua’s Museums Promenade offers a range of fascinating museums in one complex. You can wander through a fascinating array of incredibly informative attractions, including the Colonial Museum, the Archeology Museum, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and Modern Glass, the Marco Augusto Quiroa and the Artist Halls, the Silver Museum and the Pharmacy Museum.

Convent of Capuchinas

15 minutes - walking

This 18th-century convent is known throughout the world and features spectacular historic architecture that frames a serene courtyard with a cascading fountain and vibrant bougainvillea trees.

Jade Factory

15 minutes - walking

The jade is cut and polished in this factory by native Guatemalan workers who follow the carving traditions of their ancestors. This company has evolved as a leader in reintroducing Maya jade to the world through the discovery, mining and working of Guatemala's fine jadeite jade. The source of jade discovered by archaeologist Mary Lou Ridinger and her husband Jay Ridinger in 1974, is the same used by the Maya people of Mesoamerica. An interesting visit!

Church of La Merced

15 minutes - walking

The Mercedarios were the first to establish a male monastery at the former Santiago de Guatemala, now La Antigua Guatemala. The cross in stone at the atrium and the rooms behind the main altar are the oldest structures in La Merced and date from the seventeenth century. In 1749 Juan de Dios Estrada was commissioned with the construction of the luxurious sanctuary and cloister. It was opened in 1767. The image of Jesus Christ holding the cross was carved in 1650 by Alonzo de la Paz y Toledo.

Church of Saint Francisco

Ten minutes - walking

The Church of St. Francis, built by its namesake Franciscan order between 1800 and 1851, is known for its ornate wooden altar. A small museum offers an intriguing glimpse into the church's history and in its catacombs is buried the Holy Brother Pedro de San José de Betancourt