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Local Calendar

Nestled in the heart of La Antigua, Guatemala, amidst charming cobblestone avenues, bustling squares with colonial architecture and vibrant historic attractions, Porta Hotel Antigua offers unmatched access to the most popular events in the city, from holiday celebrations and festivals to concerts and more.  

View our event calendar to find out what's going on during your stay at our boutique hotel in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Sign Language Workshop

Guatemalan Sign Language Workshop

At 3pm at the headquarters of the French Alliance, 2nd. South Avenue # 25.

Q45 ticket per person

Gastronomic Festival

Gastronomic Festival with Chef Eduardo Gonzalez at Porta Hotel Antigua
A culinary trip through Guatemala at our Los Moros Restaurant, with breakfast and lunch buffet on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15; dinner buffet on Saturday 14.
Prices per person, plus 12% Service:
Breakfast Q135.
Lunch Q190.
Dinner Q175

Cooking Workshop

Learn how to prepare blackberry clafouti, the perfect dessert for adults and children. At Alianza Francesa, 2nd. Avenida Sur # 25. Donation Q45 per person

The Flavor of my Land

These series of short documentaries highlights recipes, techniques and ancestral culinary traditions of Guatemala. In the presence of the director Ana Carlos, at 7pm in French Alliance, 2nd. South Avenue # 25. Free pass

Gastronomic Tour

Franco-Guatemalan Gastronomic Tour

Step by step and plate by plate discover the French and Guatemalan gastronomy both in its origins and traditions and in its current and modernity. At 7pm in "Apetito" 4th. Avenue # 16. Donation Q260 per person

Native Nutrition

Native Nutrition and Cooking Workshop

Discover more about nutrition and learn to cook Guatemalan native plants, making amaranth poporopos, chipilín tortillas ... At 3pm in Alianza Francesa, 2a. avenida sur # 25. Donation Q75 per person

Synth-pop Concert

Charlotte Fever Concert Synth-pop

Duo synth-pop come from France. In Txirrinta, 7a. avenida norte # 16. Donation Q10 per person

Posada Navideña

A reminder of the journey of Saint Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, this is one of the most beautiful celebrations of La Antigua, Guatemala. Accompany the pilgrims, participate with devotion and taste all kinds of special foods that are typical of the occasion.

Devil's Burning

Devil's Burning at Barrio de la Concepción

Fire up the joy in the streets of this neighborhood in La Antigua. It’s a mythical-religious ceremony that banishes evil spirits and cleanses the way for Christmas celebrations.